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Macon Bed Bug Dogs 

We offer our clients in the Macon and Middle Georgia Areas

the very best in Bed Bug Detection. Our specially trained K9 teams can determine which areas of a structure is infested. The dogs can put us right on top of activity which we verify visually. The Sensor Bed Bug Dogs can easily determine this by using their keen sense of smell. Many hours of training and conditioning are necessary for this type of accuracy. They only respond to live bed bugs and viable eggs.

Macon Bed Bug Detection

Senior Living Experts

We are Bed Bug Experts and we know the different ways they can be imported into a property - structure.  Education along with a focused plan can save you big money and headaches.

By completing Quarterly sweeps we can find them before they spread to other units. For pricing give us a call or fill the form and we will contact you.


areas Serving

  • Lizella

  • Bolingbroke

  • Gray

  • Smarr

  • Forsyth

  • Gordon

  • Yatesville

  • Barnesville

  • Juliette

  • Milner

  • Zebulon

  • Meansville

  • Orchard Hill

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