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What Is A Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs ? - Atlanta, Georgia - 770-957-1915

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Bed Bugs are one of the most difficult problems to eliminate for an exterminator in the Metro Atlanta and Macon Areas.

Why ?

  1. They are nocturnal insects . They stay hidden and usually feed at night when you are asleep.

  2. They can easily be moved or transferred to other rooms or residences.

  3. They like cloth and wood

  4. They feed only on human blood pretty much.

  5. They will "hang out" and start breeding close to hosts.

  6. Many times they are present for weeks before anyone sees any signals.

  7. Some get bites and show no marks while others have reactions.

  8. Poor people get bed bugs more often, only because they are more likely to accept used clothes or furniture.

  9. They have built resistance to many of the pesticides on the market

  10. Just because a product has bed bugs on the label, doesn't mean it's effective.

We have been called in many times to help clean up bad bed bug infestation scenarios. We have found multi-unit properties with many infested units .

We recommend a K9 sweep through the complex to define the current activity.

Bed bug dog Atlanta inspection
Bed Bug dog checking transport bus at Senior Living in Atlanta

When the initial sweep is completed the active areas are defined.

Ok, we know which units and areas are affected, it's time for treatment.

We try to schedule units and areas to be treated in pods if possible. We can treat multiple units at one time making the elimination faster and the spread is limited.

Bed bugs headboard Macon georgia
Bed bugs behind headboard in Macon Ga.

We provide Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Treatments for units that have activity.

Bed bugs heat truck Atlanta
Bed bug heat truck Atlanta

The process takes 5-6 hours or more

Bed setup heat treatment bedbugs atlanta
Bed setup bed bugs heat treatment atlanta

Bed Bugs die at temperatures above 118 degrees.We treat around host areas and perimeters because some of them will try to find a cooler place. This keeps them contained.

Many fans are used to help distribute the heat evenly. Electronics in the rooms need to be merely unplugged.

This is also why we don't use propane or fuel fired heaters. Not only are they more dangerous, the heat is brought in in one spot there for it's hard to distribute the heat properly. This makes it very hot where it enters the interior.

By placing our heaters strategically inside we can have even temperatures and make sure each area is heated properly and sustained.

We rarely have an issue with these treatments but if we do, we will always address it to eliminate the problem.

Call Us at 770-957-1915 if you have any questions.


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