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Why are Sensor Bed Bug Dogs the best method of inspection in Atlanta ?

I do a lot of phone consultation with people around the Atlanta area that think they have bed bugs. By asking the right questions, most of the time I can get a good idea of what's going on.

Bed bugs bed atlanta
Bed Bugs nesting on outside of encasement on bed.

  1. What makes you think you have bed bugs ?

  2. Have you or anyone else ever observed a bed bug there ?

  3. Do you have consistent skin marks ?

  4. How long has this been going on ?

  5. How many people live there ?

  6. Have you brought any used furniture in before the bites started ?

  7. Visitors ?

Every client has a story. They want to tell me their story. I want to hear their story. I can get a lot of information from their story that may help me solve their problem. I had one 2 days ago.

Nice lady called and wanted a K9 inspection quote. Excellent, what kind of bed bug issue are you having, or suspect ? She has been getting consistent skin marks for the last 7-8 months.

She called a large company she knows from Television. She says they came and inspected 6 months ago and based upon her skin marks sold her a bed bug treatment. The marks continued. So far, she nor the big company found any evidence of bed bug activity. After her 30 day warranty ran out they sold her another treatment. So she has now spent some big money and still has marks and still hasn't observed any activity.


Bed bug dog Starsky atlanta
Starsky and Lily are both ready to go work, Using their noses in Atlanta.

I suspected that she may have never had bed bugs to begin with. So, William Hudson our awesome K9 handler takes these 2 over and determined that there are indeed zero bed bugs there presently. William also inspected visually and found no evidence of previous activity either. It cost her $200. I told her I wish I had talked to her at the start. I'm not sure what exactly is causing her skin marks. She did change a prescription about the time she started getting them, but I'm not a Dermatologist. 😎 But she spent a lot of money and time going down the wrong road. Now, maybe she can find out what's really causing her skin marks. It's not bed bugs.

Live bed bug Atlanta
Live bed bug activity in Atlanta

My main point is "Gather evidence"

It may be bed bugs. But I like for things to make sense. When a client tells me they wake up with new marks every day and they have never seen a bed bug, I'm suspicious. Sometimes, they just haven't looked very well. Anywhere people hang out is where bed bugs will be.

There is a reason they are called bed bugs. Check the box springs, frame, headboard, mattress. You are looking for live bugs or excrement marks. The excrement marks look just like a Sharpie marker mark.

Cardboard bed bug monitors Atlanta
Cardboard bed bug monitors Atlanta

If you can't find any evidence, don't treat until you do.

Please don't do this

DE bed bugs atlanta
Diatomaceous Earth dust is not good for you to breathe. More dangerous than bed bugs.

Unfortunately, everyone is not as honest as we would like them to be. Don't allow a pest control operator treat on zero evidence. Not only is it expensive but you don't need to be exposed to pesticides for no reason. If they are present, we will find them. When a K9 responds we search for evidence and find it 95% of the time. They put us on the "drugs in the trunk", then we open the trunk. That's our mentality. The dogs help us find real bed bugs. If we look and they don't respond, then we have no bed bugs. Simple as that.

Give Us A Call at 770-957-1915 and we can talk.

With bed bugs there are so many questions

I prefer the old fashioned phone conversation rather than an email.

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