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Property managers have a growing problem with Bed Bugs in Atlanta

Georgia law states that landlords are responsible for all bed bug elimination within their properties. Ignoring the issue will only make problems worse when they are spread to other units by residents.

Bed bugs are a difficult problem for apartments and multi-family units. Identifying which units have activity is not easy. Some of the tenants with the worst bed bug infestations never report the bugs.. It can be very expensive to treat an infested property, however not addressing the problem will only make the infestation worse and more costly for you. One of the most important things property owners/managers can do is to educate their residents about bed bugs. We provide training classes for residents, maintenance people, etc. We also recommend a K9 Bed Bug inspection on Move - Outs. This can help prove bed bugs were not left behind for a new tenant. Bed Bug waivers can be issued only after it is proven to be bed bug free upon move -in. This actually happens very often.

Bed bug class tenants Decatur ga.
Bed Bug class for Tenants at a Senior Living Complex in Decatur.

What is the liability for the property owners in the Atlanta area with Bed Bugs ?

Because bed bugs can be found in any property, it can become a legal hassle between property owner and tenant, with finger pointing both ways. However, like any serious pest control issue, landlords can face damages for bed bugs, under a claim of breach of the warranty of liability. Tenants are legally entitled to a ‘livable, safe, and sanitary’ residence. Because it is hard to determine how bedbugs entered the property, it is difficult to say the tenant “caused the problem.” This has caused many lawsuits against the investor and sometimes the management company. We have been called many times to help solve these disputes by providing accuracy instead of guesswork. We can inspect 100 units for about the cost of one treatment. Give us a Call at 770-957-1915 for a free consultation.

We have many years experience with the detection and remediation of large scale properties in the Atlanta, Ga. Area.

If you have, or if you think you might have, a bed bug infestation in your home or in your commercial space, we invite you to Contact Us today. Clark Pest Remedy is the authority on bed bug extermination in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions about our proven protocol, K9 detection and heat treatments. We offer 1 time or Quarterly K9 Bed Bug sweeps. We also offer free training sessions for tenants or management- - maintenance department.

Inspections using a bed bug detection canine are especially useful in two scenarios. The first is when a person reports bed bugs but the pest control operator can’t find any with visual inspection. The second is when a pest control operator wants to confirm that the area is bed bug-free, for example post- treatment. Identifying which units are active with Sensor Dogs before they can spread to many other units. Canine inspections for bed bugs can identify emerging infestations in their earliest stages, helping property managers gain building-wide control before an infestation spreads to other units, saving considerable time and money.

Inspection with canines is useful for detection, but as with inspection by humans, there is potential for error. The dog’s effectiveness depends upon the quality of the handler and dog.


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