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When do you need to use a Bed Bug Dog in Atlanta, Macon Areas ?

bed bugs atlanta
obvious bed bugs


The first step in controlling bed bugs is identifying and verifying activity. We see Atlanta consumers start self treating without any evidence of bed bugs. A skin mark is really not verification. There are so many insects and skin conditions. Bed Bugs are just one possibility. If you see something like the picture above, those bugs have been there for quite a long time.

Economic conditions cause many people to try to control them on their own.


DIY Bed Bugs

Treatments can be successful but detection is the key. Having a good flashlight and knowing what you are looking for really helps. If they are present, they will hang out close to the host(s)

If you can't find bed bugs evidence, monitoring should help you find evidence quicker.

In the picture you notice the black dots. Those are the insects excrement marks. They only feed on blood so obviously this is not new. Where did they come from ? Is it important to try to determine where they came from ? In many cases, used furniture was brought in that was unknowingly infested. Used clothing, Visitors that have bed bugs at their homes. Cleaning People, Healthcare workers. It is good if you can find out what probably happened even if it's not 100%. I will ask clients if they have any idea of what could have happened the last few months. If I can get them thinking with me many times we can come up with some possibilities. Re-entry scenarios are very frustrating. If the baby goes to a babysitter with bed bugs around, they can keep transferring from one to the other creating a bad situation for everyone.

So, when we find this we need to plan for a treatment here. Skip the Dog Inspection

Save your money for a good treatment.

What if I get consistent skin marks but can't find evidence of bed bug activity ?

If you have inspected the common host areas (beds, couches, recliners, etc) and have not found evidence we suggest you consider a Sensor Bed Bug K9 inspection.


By Using the K9's service in Atlanta and Macon Areas you can determine if bed bugs are present and where. 
Quickly and Efficiently

You can be successful treating some bed bug problems yourself. but Identification and location must be known.

Call Us at 770-957-1915 if you have Questions or need information - pricing.


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